Military Acttion Never ceases

By Evan Simon
MCP Staff Reporter
The main character Punished Snake is deep in the jungles of Africa; his mission is to infiltrate an enemy camp and rescue six prisoners. Snake has to lead them up a hill where a helicopter is waiting.
But there are several enemy soldiers standing guard throughout the encampment and an enemy chopper patrolling the area.
So Snake and his party sneak toward the rendezvous point, but he spots two men standing nearby, “Wait.” He instructs the prisoners as he pulls out his tranquilizer and quietly shoots both men in the head He then gives the okay and the move forward.
But another enemy in the distance sees them Snake tries to shoot him in the head but it’s no use; the guard has a helmet on.
This is bad because if he gets to call for back up Snake and his posse are dead. Luckily though Snake brought some back up.
In the distance hides the deadly sniper Quiet. She shoots the helmet off the guard, which gives snake an opportunity for another head shot. He aims and fires at the man, bull’s-eye; the man goes down and they keep going forward.
That’s what’s great about Metal Gear Solid V; it gives the player nonstop action set pieces to experience. But what’s even more impressive is that the only objective was to escort the prisoners to the RV. Everything was spot on, including the third guard seeing me, Quiet shooting off his helmet allowing the player for the perfect headshot, and the shooting of the helicopter out of the sky. All things happened because of the players choices, none of which were scripted.
The player could have gone at a different time of day with a different set of equipment and a different companion. These are all variables that affect the outcome of the game which also gives a game a strong sense of replay ability, something a lot of games lack.
Another thing the game does is to let players feel like they are amazing soldiers. Early on another character tells Snake that “ (He’s)… a legend for those who live on the battlefield…” The game does nothing short of making the player feel that way, everything from how Snake sprints to a destination, or how he holds a gun, to something as simple as standing.  A lot of games give you the promise of being the world’s greatest assassin/fortune hunter/interstellar space guardian, but few make good on that promise.
The gameplay is king, and whether it be sniping an enemy from across the map, or sneaking up on them and knocking them out, everything is extremely fun and accessible.  There are a lot of mechanics in this game, but it teaches them in a reasonable pace, and so the amount of things to do never feels overwhelming.
The missions in this game are really fun and engaging to play and are challenging but never too frustrating that they stop being fun. Even when players has failed several times, they are always willing to come back for more.
The open world is also amazing as well, with it being both beautiful and vast with several enemy composts to infiltrate, plenty of fun side missions to do and a whole lot of resources to collect. It’s big enough to have fun in, but it never feels like the player is going miles with nothing happening.
Everything about this game is balanced and engaging except for maybe its story. Not to say the story is bad by any means, but it simply doesn’t add up to how the gameplay feels.
Long time Metal Gear fans might be let down by this, but on the other hand the, story’s hands off approach may help newcomers to the series come into the franchise with little or no confusion.
That all being said, the story never takes away from the gameplay, and that’s a good thing considering how fun it is. The strong mechanics, vast open world, and beautiful graphics make it not only one of the series best but possibly the greatest action game of all time.

The Price

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