Experience Aids Volleyballers Towards Title

By Ricardo Reyes
MCP Staff Reporter
As the 2015 volleyball season kicks into full swing, Midland College Lady Chaps are looking to improve as a team in hopes of achieving their ultimate goal—bring home the national title.
As it is the case with many collegiate sport teams, the roster is in constant flux. On average, college players play only two to three seasons, so creating a solid, cohesive team can be challenging.
“Last year most of the girls were freshmen, and we struggled fundamentally,” said Tammie Jimenez, Lady Chaps coach.
Now that most of the current players are sophomore, the team seems to be conquering some of the shortcomings of past years, but the most significant improvement has been their ability to function as a team, the coach said.
Team captain Samantha Furman believes that the newly found team chemistry is primarily responsible for a 9-2 start to the season.
“Compared to last year we are more unified as a team; we play better together because we have the experience of playing with each other,” said Furman.
She added that holding each other accountable, both during practice and during games, pushing each other to become better, and players on the bench cheering to keep the energy positive, have all amounted to their early success this season, according to the coach.
But regardless of their early success, their focus have not wavered. Winning the title remains the only real metric to measure the team’s success.
“I am pleased with the work that these girls have put in, and the effort that they have put in. We are making strides in the right direction, but we have plenty of improvement to make,” Jimenez said.