Greenzones provide comfort

By Coy Millsap

MCP Staff Reporter

The green zone program is for the veterans of Midland College.

This program was created to help veterans in every aspect of college life, and to help these individuals speak freely without scaring or intimidating others.

Most veterans are very colorful with their vocabulary, according to Dean of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences & Business Damon Kennedy said.

Most people do not understand veterans’ pasts and what they are talking about, he said.

“The purpose of the program is to bring some of the experiences of our veterans to folks that have had no military experience or affiliation,” Kennedy said.

Dangerous situations that could happen include extreme stress and emotional outbursts.

There are more than 300 veterans attending MC this year. This is why it is important to let veterans know that this program exists, Kennedy said.

There are staff members and faculty who have been trained or have been in the military, and do understand to a certain extent, most of the problems that might occur.

Some veterans have experienced the worst humanity can offer.

The greenzones stickers point veterans to knowledgeable advisers.

Some can be very tense and others can be relatively goofy or weird, depending on a person’s perspective, Kennedy said.

Their personalities and actions are used as coping mechanisms.

There are people in this college who do care this is a vet-friendly college, according to Kennedy.


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