Club Fair helps students to find a home

By Evan Simon
MCP Press Reporter
Sometimes in life it can be difficult to find a place to call home. It might be hard to find friends in general or maybe just friends with a particular common interest.
This is where clubs can come handy, and Midland College is a field with a diverse number of clubs each catering to a particular group.
If students like gaming, they can join TOGA, short for the Totally Original Gaming Association. TOGA is a group of people who get together every Friday night from six to midnight to play all sorts of games, from video games to classic board games.
Jared Jones said he wasn’t having much fun until he joined TOGA after his second semester. “I just got in and we may seem closed off but we are actually really open to everybody,” Jones said.
Henry Hoang of the group added that clubs are good way of relieving stress by being in a fun and relaxing environment with people one knows.
“Clubs are best because we get people out of their comfort zone,” Hoang said. “People who play video games may not seem to be as out-going so we get them in groups.”
“[Clubs] are a good outfit for something to do on Fridays,” Devin Johns said.
Johns added that clubs serve as a way to “get out of all the stress and craziness of school to just chill out and have some fun with some friends.”
Johns said the TOGA club is a good way to find new games students might like that they never heard of before.
Johns said that someone could say: “Hey I never tried say, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but man that looks crazy, sick, insane and cool. Or I’m going to try Terraria and probably get my butt handed to me.”
The TOGA club was able to build a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed haunted house because of all the different talents the members of the club had.
But maybe not all students are looking for a place to play video games. Maybe they are looking for a group of people to help grow their faith.
MC has several religious groups on campus. One of them is the Catholic Student Association of Midland, where students can get together and have fellowship with each other.
Father Francis Oryekozura said that it’s a place where students can “do a lot of fun things like play sand volley ball and other games.”
Father Oryekozura said the organization offers a safe place for students of students of faith to get together in a secular world. And Oryekozuraq was very adamant that one did not even need to be Catholic to join the group.
There are several academic groups around campus as well, one of which is the schools engineering club. Jeremy Lusk of the group said, “It’s a great place for people who are interested in engineering to get together.”
In the engineering club students will be able to do homework together but also just hang out.
There are other clubs around the campus and no matter what someone is interested in, there should be a club for them.
If not, students can organize a a specialty-interest club through Student Activities. Organizers only need a teacher or staff member as an adviser.
Examples of other clubs are Student Publications, the Baptist Student Union, the Anime Club and the English Honor Society.