The Alleyway

So, it begins, the semester— that semester where it ends. The basics for my degree will be over. The metaphorical dragon shall be slain. Round two is in only eight months. Panic ensues as my psyche fails to comprehend the sheer masses of generalized stuff I have to do before the end of this chapter comes.
The professor goes over the syllabus, so does the next and the one after that. My first day of the last semester begins the same as the past three. I grow bored as my mind wanders. Could I make steak tonight? Should I get a head start on classes? Should I finish my Pokémon game? Or will I decide to curl up in bed with my laptop and watch the original Teen Titans series I bought the week before?
Finally the last class is over. This first day was not exactly exciting. Really wish I had bought a huge steak to cook tonight. Wait, I have a text as I open my car.
My heart starts pumping faster. There are demons to kill. I have been invited to join my friends on an epic adventure of demon killing. My two huge weapons are already equipped. The fiery adrenaline shoots through me as I behead one hellhound and take out three explosive zombies. The guys shoot and cast spells on the horde while I take down the front line.
No! I’ve been hit! Stupid skeleton archer, I’m after you now. Prepare to die. I am an angel of death here. I am a Valkyrie of Norse legend. Minus the wings, maybe more like the Chooser of the Slain…either way, die zombified scum, die!
Did the government teacher say something important?
Look the castle! OMG A DRAGON!!!!! I feel like I’m in How to Train Your Dragon, before the Vikings were on good terms with the dragons.
And now it is dead. I tossed it off the wall. Sorry pretty dragon. Wow, the guys killed those demons so hard it left blood on the stones. Do demons even have blood? Cool, my clothes are red now without the legendary red dye of Saffronixa.
I feel like someone is saying my name. Is it the prince? The red-haired one, not the black-haired one is calling for me right? What is his name…?
“Edgin! Pay attention!”
The professor was glaring at me from the lecturn. Well, I guess I should pay attention. But I would much rather lay down and imagine myself the hero, fighting the great war against the Homeworkians of Collegian Basin.
So, the professor begins, checking to make sure the window with beautiful sunlight wouldn’t steal my attention from the structure of Texas counties and their seats. Seats. That reminds me of basketball. March Madness is so far away.
I miss watching March Madness with my family. What I miss the most is being around them as we would make our picks on the tournament bracket.
“Last time Edgin!”
Sigh. Fine, I will pay attention. But I’m telling you, Texas needs more basketball and dragons. I will have no problem studying government if it involved more basketball and dragons.

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