Netflix on a Nickle 04

SushiGirl_posterSushi Girl
Sushi Girl has an amazing explosion of retro star power, ranging from Sonny Chiba to Mark Hamill and everyone in between. Seriously, name a male star from the 80s to the 90s and they’re probably in this film. Danny Trejo, Tony Todd, James Duval, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and what truly blew my mind, Noah Hathaway. Hathaway is best known for playing Atreyu in the Never Ending Story.
Sushi Girl follows a thief as he is released from prison and reunites with his criminal cohorts. The film dives into darkness quickly; walking the line between criminal and psychological thriller.
This amazing cast nails every performance, but Mark Hamill steals the show. Mainly known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, Mark Hamill has a huge voice-over career. He played the voice of the Joker in the Batman: The Animated Series and a few of the Arkham games. Fans of Hamill’s Joker will enjoy his performance in this film. There are a few moments that the character takes on a similar persona.
If you like yakuza or western gangster films, check out Sushi Girl. However, due to the graphic violence, a torture scene and partial nudity, the film is not for everyone. The amazing cast is reason enough to watch this criminal thriller.

automata-poster-antonio-banderas-01In the future, robots are everywhere and there are laws blah, blah…seriously can we get a new concept involving the evolution of robotics? Isaac Asimov wrote the exact same story over 50 years ago.
I am a fan of science fiction and I love the idea of artificial intelligence but seriously I can only watch the exact same movie so many times.
Automata stars Antonio Banderas, Dylan McDermott, Melanie Griffith and Robert Forster. Another film with an amazing cast combination.
All of the actors do an amazing job however the plot is pretty close to any robots-becoming-aware film.
If you want to see a passable science fiction film about robotics with decent digital effects, check out Automata.
If you want to see something with more action (more of a Terminator plot) check out The Machine.

Clive Barker, known for making disturbing horror films and novels, is a prolific artist. Barker has been described as a living art factory—the amount of content he creates is mind blowing. He consistently turns out short stories, paintings and even murals.
Nightbreed shows the darker side of the film industry as well as the magical side. Right before the film was originally released the studio heavily edited the film, to the point of cutting out a main character. The studio also advertised the film as your standard slasher flick. Barker felt violated and mislead by the studio, wrote off his film as a lost cause and attempted to move forward.
An original print of the film was discovered, and late last year the director’s cut was released. Barker’s original version had been restored and the film was received with eagerness.
The film is about a troubled young man who is drawn to the town of Midian where a variety of monsters are hiding from humanity
Nightbreed is not a slasher flick. It has moments that are similar to some slashers, but overall it is a monster flick.
The monsters in the film are amazing, and the mythos that Barker has created feels real and believable.
Even though the clothing and music dates the film, the effects and story are not dated. Fans of horror and monster films should check out Nightbreed.

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