Twenty One Pilots wows

The Austin date of Twenty One Pilots’ Quiet Is Viølent tour was, hands down, the greatest concert experience that I have ever attended.

The show was held at the Stubbs Bar-B-Q outdoor stage in Austin. It was a sold-out show. We got to the venue at 6 p.m., and the line was already stretching over four and a half blocks.

The concert started about 45 minutes after the gates opened. The first band that played was an up-and-coming band called Vinyl Theatre.

Vinyl Theatre is rather new to the music scene, and most of the people in the audience hadn’t heard of them prior to the show. The band put on a really good set, and I bought their CD at the merchandise table after the show.

After Vinyl Theatre left the stage MisterWives started to perform their set. MisterWives are also an up-and-coming band and have only been a part of the music scene for a few years. MisterWives are a very energetic band got the crowd pumped up. Lead singer Mandy Lee said that Austin was the most energetic crowd and the most fun that she had playing on tour

After MisterWives then came Twenty One Pilots. When Josh Dun’s drums were revealed and Tyler Joseph’s piano was rolled onto the stage, the crowd went crazy.

Twenty One Pilots’ set began with Nigel (an electronic voice) welcoming the crowd and introducing himself and the band.

When the two-man band came out onto the stage, drummer Josh Dun was wearing a skeleton body suit and mask, and front man Tyler Joseph was wearing all black and a ski mask.

The performers sang the majority of the songs off of their album Vessel including Migraine, House Of Gold, Screen and Trees. It was amazing to see everyone around me bond through their love of Twenty One Pilots.

Even though it was over 80 degrees and everyone was pushed up against each other, making it feel even warmer, seeing the impact that Twenty One Pilots has on people gave me the chills.

During part of the show, Tyler instructed everyone in the audience to find a partner and get on their shoulders (which I did not do).

It was amazing to see how trusting everyone was, many people got on the shoulders of complete strangers without hesitation.
Tyler and Josh made a few wardrobe changes throughout the show. At one point Josh was drumming in an alien mask. During House Of Gold, a song Josh wrote for his mother, he put on a long, floral robe, telling the audience that his mom always tells him he wears too much black. So he picked out the robe to be more ‘festive’ during her song.

At one point during the show, Josh’s drums were brought out to the audience on a piece of plywood and he crowd-surfed while drumming. During another part of the show, Tyler came out into the audience.

Tyler interacted with Nigel, the computerized voice, throughout the entire show. During part of the show, Nigel requested that Twenty One Pilots play songs from “way back in the day.”

Upon his request,Twenty One Pilots began to cover songs such as Bugatti by Ace Hood, Beyonce’s Drunk In Love, Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, and Say Something by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera.

After completing Nigel’s requests the duo went on to perform songs from their self-titled album such as Addict With a Pen and Fall Away.

Toward the end of the show, Tyler left the stage and Josh did a drum solo. After Josh’s drum solo, he told everyone to turn around.

When we turned around, we saw Tyler climbing his way to the top of a tall post near the sound system crew. (Tyler is infamous for worrying security, fans and his mother because of his climbing habit.)

Twenty One Pilots performed a few more songs and then said goodnight. Before anyone had a chance to leave, Nigel’s voice came over the speakers again.

Nigel informed us that if we were loud enough, Tyler and Josh would take the stage again.

So, of course, the crowd went insane. After a couple minutes of a complete cacophony of cheering, screaming and whistling,Twenty One Pilots took the stage again. Twenty One Pilots performed Car Radio, Truce and Trees and then Tyler recited a poem and said goodbye.

As soon as the show ended, I already wanted to see them again. I was entertained throughout the entirety of the show and most of the other people in the crowd were very polite and apologized if they bumped into you, which is a huge rarity in a general admissions show.

Twenty One Pilots definitely knows how to keep a crowd entertained.

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