Drag Queens offer different outlook

Having duct tape, a lace-front wig and a fierce walk is just the beginning of being a drag queen.  The number of drag queens is growing, and they are taking over stages and clubs across the country. When hearing the term ‘drag queen,’ some just think of cross dressers, when being a queen takes much more. In 2009, television network Logo TV aired the first episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

The show has been going strong for six seasons and shows audiences how much work goes into being a drag queen. From what I can tell, queens have a much better wardrobe, makeup and hair style techniques than I do. It’s amazing to see the queens after they “beat” their faces. Some of the contestants from past seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race have gone on to make their own music videos, star in other TV shows,  model for clothing companies, and star in music videos for pop artists like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

It takes much more than just looking and acting like a girl to be a drag queen. Queens have to have to be funny, know how to act, perform, put outfits together that often require sewing, have a drag name. They have to have a personality larger than life. Queens are so inspiring in many ways because they aren’t afraid or ashamed to be who they want, no matter what anyone says. They work hard to leave their mark on the world and spread their name as far as they can.

Queens don’t give up, no matter how difficult things become. Assuming that majority of drag queens are homosexual or transgender, they get more criticism and face more obstacles than the rest of us. Some of my favorite queens are Courtney Act, Adore Delano, Sharon Needles, Alaska and Bianca Del Rio. My other three favorite queens are from cities close to home and have performed in clubs as close as Lubbock. Miss Alyssa Edwards is from Mesquite, Shangela is from Paris, and Laganja Estranja comes from Dallas.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for drag queens. They encourage eachother and build eachother up instead of kicking them down is inspiring. The amount of love and self respect they have for themselves is contagious. It’s refreshing to see people who have lacked support, love from others, and acceptance believe in themselves and push themselves to accomplish goals and live dreams. I can’t imagine the positive vibes that radiate off of them in person. I feel more positive about everything by just watching them.

There are many celebrities who admire drag queens as much as I do. There is a celebrity wish list for guest judges on season seven of Ru Pauls’s Drag Race. Johnny Depp,Daniel Radcliffe, Iggy Azalea, P!nk, and YouTube stars Tyler Oakley and Shane Dawson are among the 200 on the list.

Their fun personalities spark up a room and have people laughing until it hurts. Queens are dramatic and quirky. They even have their own set of definitions for average words. For a queen, Shade doesn’t mean a place to get out of the sun.

Fish isn’t an animal that swims in water, and sickening is not a bad thing. Their lingo, jokes and opinions might be hard to swallow at times, but can become part of your everyday life. Without realizing it, you won’t go to class in sweats and baggy T-shirts anymore. You’ll be serving couch potato realness. Before asking yourself “is that a girl or guy,” remember that it doesn’t matter because even if they’re a part-time girl, they are still people with jobs, worries, dreams and insecurities just like you.

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