Victoria’s Secrets


This word started off as an an acronym for “before anyone else” and was used as a term of endearment for a significant other.

Now, bae is used by someone mainly to refer to their girlfriend/boyfriend, crush or any other type of significant other.
Many call their best friends and celebrity crushes bae in a casual and joking manner.

But the real question about bae: how many baes is a person allowed to have?

When you put someone “before anyone else,” isn’t this supposed to mean that they are your number one, your everything, your only? Not necessarily and not always.

Because bae has simply come to mean emotionally less than it was originally intended to, it is not such a big deal for a girl to refer to multiple guys as bae, especially if she isn’t actually in an exclusive relationship with any of them.

Society usually sees a guy as a “ladies man,” so this means that girls are able to get away with talking to several baes at once.

It could be seen as hypocritical if a girl gets mad at a guy for talking to several girls but thinks it’s okay for her flirt and date many guys.

Why is it that men can be these smooth ladies men, but girls are given the scarlet letter if they so much as look at another guy while “talking” to someone else?

The truth is, most girls don’t want to talk to multiple baes at once, but we feel like it would be okay, and we could justify another girl for doing so.

However, I’m afraid that some girls say that they would have another girl’s back but really, they might judge her for it.
There is nothing wrong with a girl being able to go on dates with or talk to different guys at once before settling into a closed relationship. Girls are more independent and able to handle themselves well compared to guys. Guys should only stick to one bae at a time.

Sure this may sound like a double standard, but it’s the harsh reality. Guys have to carry the burden of the stereotype that they are all womanizers and lusters.

A guy must prove he is faithful from day one in order to win the girl. If a guy wants to capture a girl’s full attention, she has got to see that he has hers.

Guys are already easily distracted as it is. Guys need to be able to devote all their time and energy on one lady. Let’s face it gentlemen, we all know you can have a hard time focusing on one girl when you’re just in the “talking” stage. This ultimately makes the girl jealous.

Ladies are also known for the stereotypical advice of playing hard to get and playing the jealousy card. A girl having multiple baes can be used by the girl as a factor to get a guy they really want.

Girls trip really hard when they see the guy they are interested in talking to another girl.
This can cause resentment toward the guy and make the girl not attracted to him.

Although, personally, I like to flirt around and be interested in several guys at once, I could be faithful when I entered an exclusive relationship. Ultimately bae should not be used to refer to a serious partner.

In general, it is okay for girls to talk to several guys in order to figure out which one they believe would be best for a relationship.

It’s also okay to go on dates before becoming exclusive in order to see if you are compatible with each others and actually enjoy each other’s company.

Baes are just steps in the direction to finding one’s soulmate and should be seen as strictly casual.