MC cosmetology director takes stage

Michael Fields, Midland College cosmetology program director, has taken the stage for his free-time passion of acting by performing in the recently Midland Community Theatre produced play titled, Urinetown-The Musical.

Fields has created what amounts to a second parallel career in the theater as an actor and organizational volunteer.

Fields serves on the MTC Board of Governors, is the president of Summer Mummers, and volunteers on the MTC production board for hair and wigs.

He did hair at a chair for 25 years before coming to MC 10 years ago. He has also been involved with the theatre for 21 years.

“Both cosmetology and theatre have artistic form. There is art to all of it,” Fields said.
He said he was first nervous to teach cosmetology.

Once he realized he could “treat it like a stage,” he felt more comfortable in front of students. Having a persona while teaching increases student’s enthusiasm and interest in the lecture, Fields said.

The current cosmetology program currently sits at around 65 students. Fields said he is more comfortable here than he would be at a private school because he believes the students get more support through resources, such as funding.

Fields loves what he does.“It’s all about having fun and getting out, and you feel better about yourself,” he said.

Fields has an equal amount of passion for cosmetology and theatre alike.

However, he did admit that cosmetology is more secure. This is because his work with the theater is strictly as a volunteer, and there is no pay for it. However, he has a blast doing both.

Even though Fields enjoys doing both, he admitted that he can become tired from all the commitment. He can be reluctant to go straight to rehearsals after working at the college, but he associated the feeling to how one feels about going to the gym. “You hate going, but, in the end, you’re glad you did.”

Tim Jebsen, MCT executive director, has directed plays in which Fields has been in. Fields is very professional with his acting and doing hair for the theatre, Jebsen said.
Even though Fields dedicates a lot of his time to MC as cosmetology chair, he is very giving of his time.

The most demanding factor is time. Not only does Field teach in an MC class room, but he helps teach actors in hair and makeup workshops at MCT.
He is extremely dedicated, Jebsen said.

He is also a willing person as he is always willing to take roles and parts no matter what size.

Not everyone is willing to do both lead, spotlight roles and smaller side parts, Jebsen said.