House of Chaps showcases MC talent

The Midland College Student Government Association has brought students together once again for a recent House of Chaps that took place in the student center.

The student center was transformed into what looked like a coffee shop that hosted students with hanging lights, free snacks, and chairs centered around a stage area.

This area is where many MC students performed throughout the night after signing on for the open mic night event.
When students arrived they signed in and received a ticket for door prizes that included hats, cute teddy bears, and gift cards. Students could also grab a soda, some cookies, or hotdogs while chatting with friends and watching the performances.

There was a wide array of performances, ranging from guitar players, singers, and even rappers. Victoria Garcia, an MC student, commented on the acts with all different kinds of people saying that “they were interesting.”

House of Chaps left a good impression on Garcia. For her first time in the audience it was fun and exciting and plans on going to more, Garcia said. Students do not have to wait long to attend another House of Chaps, because according to SGA VP Daniel Aldana, the event occurs about once a month.

The crowd was close-knit, as many of the chairs were pulled out so friends could sit amongst each other, yet facing the performers for a good view. Each act got a round of applause after finishing.

The acts certainly did not lack interest. Garcia called Jacob Blevins’ performance using both a guitar and harmonica “unusual,” but said that she found the whole thing intriguing. House of Chaps offered a place for MC’s diversity to come together in one place for the students to enjoy and appreciate.

The event was very well organized, with one act after another, Garcia said. She is looking forward to the next one. The only thing is, there needs to be more acts with different types of people, Garcia said.

Carlos Ornelas, MC Student, performed alongside Judd Spinks for their first House of Chaps.
“I was nervous at first, but when I started playing, the shakes faded away. I think it’s a good thing when performers get nervous, because if otherwise it would be boring and lifeless,” said Ornelas.

The audience enjoyed the performances. The crowd got involved in a positive way and helped Ornelas become more confident, he said.

“I enjoyed the experience. Seeing familiar faces on the stage was pretty interesting to me. I felt as if we were by a fire on a camping trip singing and playing instruments,” Ornelas said.

Performers and students wanting to attend the next House of Chaps. Be on the look out for banners and announcement from the student government about an upcoming events across campus.

And don’t forget about the drawings! When students sign in for the door prize raffles at SGA events, they are also entered for a larger drawing at the end of the year for a laptop.