One Direction is the one for me

One Direction released Where We Are-The Concert Film in cinemas for one weekend only, Oct. 11 and 12. Many fans, or “directioners”, as they are called, were seated in the Century 12 theater in Odessa. This was the only theater showing the film in the Midland/Odessa area.

Before the movie began, strangers were chatting to one another, complimenting outfits and discussing One Direction’s music and concerts. The atmosphere was super friendly.

Once the theater became dark, fans began to get antsy in their seats anticipating the moment their idols would grace the big screen. The audience was very vocal and interactive from the get go, beginning when the Modest! logo came on the screen. The crowd booed at the management’s logo (Only fans would understand why). But once the five British/Irish 20-somethings appeared on the screen, it sounded like a million squeals erupted from all around me. Girls began to scream their favorite members name and applaud. However, once Liam, one of the band members, started to speak, a hush filled the theater as everyone wanted to fawn over the words coming out of his mouth.

One Direction kept fans laughing and entertained as they went through a never-before-seen 15 minute interview that went over everything from the tour, their families and how often they changed their underwear!

After the exclusive interview, the movie shifted to San Siro stadium in Milano, Italy. This is when the theater turned into the atmosphere of a true concert.

When the first glimpse of the boys was seen the people outside the theater might have thought we were in a scary movie from all the screams erupted. Mass hysteria was all that can describe the feeling that was in the room once the boys took the stage and began to perform Midnight Memories.

One Direction sang their popular and upbeat songs such as What Makes You Beautiful and Best Song Ever. During songs, the band members did quirky things, like crossing their eyes and going to use the restroom during the show, that kept the audience engaged and laughing.

When they slowed down and sung songs like Don’t Forget Where You Belong and You & I many fans found themselves crying out of joy and sheer emotion.

The boy band sang exceptionally well and the stage set was intriguing and fun. When the group of five were on the riser that lifted them above the stage, whimsical depictions of themselves that resembled video game characters were displayed.
The theater atmosphere truly felt like a concert. Most of the audience was screaming and singing along, some fans went to stand on the stairs at the edge of the theater in order to have room to jump and dance around and mom’s were covering their ears. The hype was real.

Fans were sad to see the movie end. After the conclusion of the movie many Directioners stood outside the theater and posed for photos with each other, no longer strangers but directioner sisters.

After taking a picture with a large group of other girls, one young lady said, “What if One Direction sees this and retweets it?”

This caused a massive uproar amongst all the fans that caused much more screaming.

The theater workers looked very scared, and I told them, “We only attack if you insult One Direction.”
The entire experience overall was fantastic.

Every directioner would agree that it was a solid five stars.

For all those interested, Where We Are-The Concert Film will be released on DVD Nov. 8.