The Alleyway

Sometimes, late at night, I have random thoughts. Occasionally they are really deep, but normally these thoughts are truly random.
Last night I was watching Gotham and thought about what it would be like if I was a superhero. This led to a long train of thought on what power I would have.

It was not an easy choice. Flying would be really cool, but then I’d be in danger of planes and getting shot down for being a U.F.O. Also, after being attacked by kamikaze crows during the summer, I’m a bit scared of birds now. So flying would have been nice, but it just wasn’t for me.

Super strength would have been ok, but I would have problems with it. I would reach out to touch something or someone and accidentally crush the target. Control is not my strong suit. Someone would be mean to my friends or family, and I would mean to hit them and instead throw them through a wall. It would make me far too dangerous, so that was out as well.

Turning into animals would have been one of my top choices until I realized what that would mean. With the power to turn into animals and speak with the cows, pigs, and chickens I eat, I could not do the right thing and become a vegetarian. Sorry, but bacon and steak is just so delicious. It would be heartbreaking to give it all up. Beans and squash would not make up for what I would lose. Yes, it may be selfish reasoning here, but meat is not worth giving up.

Telepathy, the ability to read minds, seemed like a good idea until I remembered how mean people can be behind their everyday masks. Though I could have saved myself the trouble I went through with a cheating ex-boyfriend, I still don’t think mind-reading is a good idea.Knowing what people really think of you would be more damaging than not knowing. Also, birthdays and anniversaries would lose the surprise appeal most people like.This one was difficult.
Another power, is breathing underwater, is definitely a no. Unless the power of animals not wanting to hurt me and the ability to keep my body temperature at a constant were included, this would not be fun. Shark bait is not something I would enjoy. Water gets colder the farther down you go. It is dark down there too; so the ability to glow in the dark would also be needed.

I finally settled on teleportation as my superpower so I could travel the world and go home for dinner every night. My mom’s enchiladas are the best, and I have been craving them since I last went home, along with my dad’s magic on the grill.

Teleportation would put villains on edge all the time. I could just appear at any moment. Evil doers beware. My superhero name would be the Silent Ninja. I would study to become a black belt in a few different forms of martial arts to earn this name.

My sidekick would be the serious type who would roll his eyes when I tried to be funny. His catch phrase would be, “Seriously?” He would have the power of telekinesis and be named Sarcasmo.

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