Staff eases book buying

MC bookstore employees make the book buying process easier on college students, according to Walter Waller, Textbook Manager.

Students can rent or buy both new and used textbooks from the bookstore. Textbook shipments usually come in around the same time as registration, and are usually kept stocked year round. The textbook section of the bookstore is set up using the same class-codes found on class schedules. Codes such as COMM, ENGL, and GEOL are on signs above shelves, guiding students to the location of books they need.

Students can walk to the textbook section of the bookstore and help themselves if they want, but there is always an employee who is willing to help a student to find the books that they need, according to Barbara Underwood, store manager. She said that the bookstore employees make buying books as easy as possible for students, assisting anyone who has questions or is unsure on what books they need, which is about 90 percent of students.

The MC bookstore has a standard for the condition of books that they buy back, so all of the books that students sell back must be in pretty good condition. This guarantees students that any and all of the used books that they purchase from the bookstore will be in good condition and will work just as well as brand new books.

The bookstore usually accepts returns and exchanges the first five days after purchase of the book, as long as the receipt is available and the book remains in the condition in which it was purchased from the bookstore.

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