MC remembers donor

MCP Staff Reporter
For a few days in the week following Sept. 20, students may have noticed the Midland College flag flying at half mast. This is because Midland College benefactor Barbara O’Shaughnessy passed away on that day, as written in her obituary.
Students may recognize her name from the O’Shaughnessy Residence Hall and the O’Shaughnessy Presidential Suite in the Pevehouse Administration Building.
These were named so in honor of her and her husband’s contributions to MC, said Rebecca Bell, dean of community relations & special events.
O’Shaughnessy lived in Midland for over six decades after marrying her husband and moving to Midland from Minnesota.
In Midland O’Shaughnessy was involved with the Midland Community Theatre as well as St. Ann’s Church and school.
“She also served on the boards of the I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation, Midland College Foundation and was a Governor Emeritus of the Midland Memorial Foundation at Midland Memorial Hospital,” her obituary stated.
Since the mid-1990s, O’Shaughnessy had been generous to MC. She and her husband helped fund the O’Shaughnessy residence hall. What are currently the family dorms were once the only dorms on campus and were used to house athletes. The new residence hall made a huge impact by allowing non-athletes to live on campus, Bell said.
The presidential suite, which is Dr. Thomas’ office, was already in existence. However, once persons donate a certain amount of money their names are put on a room or a building, Bell said. Because of O’Shaughnessy’s generosity, the suite was named after her and her husband as well.
“I have heard great things about her; that she was wonderful,” Bell said.

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