MC raises funds for crash victims

By Brian Roberts
MCP Staff Reporter
Recently, a bus carrying the North Central Texas College softball team was hit by a tractor trailer, leaving many injured and four players dead.
The young women who lost their lives were: Meagan Richardson, 19; Brooke Deckard, 20; Katelynn Woodlee, 18; and Jaiden Pelton, 20.
“I heard about the accident Saturday morning and my mind immediately went to the many Midland College softball players I have had throughout the years in class,” said MC math program chair Michael Dixon. “I wanted to do something, anything, to support the families and NCTC during this difficult time.”
Along with MC softball coach Tommy Ramos, he decided to set up a fund to help support the families.
When Dixon first started the fund for NCTC, he set the target of $1,000; not only has the fund reached its goal, but it has more than quadrupled its original target. The fund is now at $4,045 and counting.
“I can only imagine what their families are going through,” Ramos said. “Just the thought of losing one of my girls is too much to bear, and my prayers are with the entire NCTC campus.”
Ramos said the event may not change the way the softball team travels, but he is always looking for ways to increase safety to and from games.
“With something like that happening, it made me take a deep breath and realize how proud of my girls I am, and it makes me take a more positive approach with the team,” Ramos said.
MC athletic director Forrest Allen is stunned as well.
“First and foremost, I want to personally send my condolences to the families, friends and anyone else that was affected by what happened, and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you,” Allen said.
“MC has always put safety at the top of the list when it comes to any of our sports teams’ travel, but God forbid accidents happen,” he said.
“Any Midland College drivers will be certified and have experience; so when our teams travel, they’re in good hands,” Allen said.
For those who would like to donate, please contact Michael Dixon at (432) 685-4616 or

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