Happy to have Stomachaches

After My Chemical Romance broke up, guitar player Frank Iero formed his own band, frnkiero and the cellabration. Iero is the front man of the alternative band. Frnkiero and the cellabration recently released their debut album, Stomachaches

Stomachaches sounds extremely different than any band Iero has been a part of before. If you aren’t a fan of music that is a little on the angrier side, this may not be the best album for you.

Stomachaches is a fast-paced and inherently angry album, both in its lyrics and its vocals. Some tracks such as Blood Infections feature Iero screaming, and some are slow and mellower, such as She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook.

Generally, songs that vary this much wouldn’t go well on an album together however Iero melds them together and makes it work nicely.
Stomachaches was an impressive and pleasing debut album and sets the standards pretty high for the next album that frnkiero and the cellabration will release.

Listening to Stomachaches gives you the feeling that you are reading Frank Iero’s diary, getting a glimpse of his inner thoughts and feelings.
Stomachaches was well worth the anticipation. I would recommend it to fans of My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is…, and The Used.

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