Hesitant Alien doesn’t hesitate to entertain

Hesitant Alien is the debut solo album of former My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way. Way uses Hesitant Alien to establish a completely new sound that is nothing at all like the work of his former band.

One not-so-favorable thing about Hesitant Alien is the way that, to a certain extent, the sound of Way’s vocals is somewhat drowned out and are a little hard to understand on a few tracks upon first listen.

This, was intentional however and although it is kind of unconventional, it isn’t that bad once you become used to it.
The tracks on Hesitant Alien flow very well together and are incredibly easy to listen to.

It is obvious that Way had various artists and bands that helped to influence and shape the sound of Hesitant Alien.
One of the most recognizable influences that lays inside the melodies on Hesitant Alien is David Bowie.

A certain Bowie-like sound is especially dripping from the first track of Hesitant Alien, The Bureau. According to an online Beats Music interview, Way stated that he was also inspired by various other artists such as; Iggy Pop, Blur, The Pixies, Lou Reed, and Morrissey.

Although all of these artists have tremendously different sounds, Way manages to incorporate certain aspects of all of their sounds into various tracks throughout Hesitant Alien and oddly enough, the combination makes perfect sense.
Many people who were fans of Way during his My Chemical Romance days may be taken aback by the sound of Hesitant Alien.

It has a poppy overtone and an upbeat sound, but a change in sound is expected of any artist who decides to change paths and launches a solo career. If Way wanted to keep making the same style of music, he would have kept My Chemical Romance together.

The musical style used by Way keeps listeners interested and wondering what to expect next.
Hesitant Alien is a brilliant debut album that proved that Way’s My Chemical Romance days are long gone.

Hesitant Alien is exciting and new and started Gerard Way’s solo career out with a bang.

Because of the variety of artists that influenced Way during the creation of Hesitant Alien, I recommend it to anyone who likes listening to a wide range of genres or anyone who is looking for new music in general.