Music, food draw students together

Back to school not only means time for studying, but also time to hang out with friends and meet new people. That is exactly what Midland College students did as they met up by the sand volleyball court at the MC block party at the beginning of the semester.

Students ate free hamburgers and hotdogs, danced to the cupid shuffle and other dance music, and enjoyed kicking or throwing a ball around.
The block party by MC Student Government kicked off the semester as the first event hosted.

Once students arrived at the event, they signed in and received a ticket for a door prize, which included T-shirts and gift cards.

Every time students attend a future event and sign in they are also entered into a drawing that will be held at the end of the year for a large prize.

Tina Friesen, both a MC and Early College High School student, said that she had fun at the event.

“There should be more events like that in the future and one after finals to celebrate the end of the semester,” Friesen said.

As an ECHS student, Friesen said that the high school students can feel like they don’t belong and especially feel out of place around the older students.

Friesen said she felt different at first, but then she said the event helped bring students together. Friesen also encouraged other ECHS and MC students to attend future events, saying “All students should go, because we are all classmates.”

Stephanie VanCuren, student activities coordinator and Student Government adviser, and Daniel Aldana, Student Government vice president, helped organize the event. Both of them are responsible for planning activities for MC students.

Aldana said that he wanted MC students to enjoy “fellowship and have some clean fun.”

VanCuren said she is looking forward to this year’s ideas for events, and students should expect “great ideas” which will be broad in order to include most students.

This not only includes social events, such as the block party, but events which are educational and service oriented.

According to VanCuren, the Student Government will be hosting educational activities, such as promoting awareness of AIDS in December, and getting students together for community service projects. These activities and projects will help connect the student body as well as educate them and get them to be more involved with helping others.

Student Government president Owen Key, was also at the event. He said he has high expectations for Student Government and its activity this year.

“I want the events to be vibrant where all students can come together for fun; I want to create a true campus atmosphere at MC, one somebody could not achieve just by sitting in classes,” he said.

He also emphasized that the events are not only for students who study and live on campus, but online students are included as well.

“Students should come out to the events! They will be unique and fun, definitely what you [students] want, and there is free stuff,” Key said.

The biggest advice that the MC Student Government has for students is to “come out and get involved,” VanCuren said.

From the start, the Block Party had a successful turnout as students arrived in groups, among the first of which were the student athletes.

Due to many countless hours of strenuous practices and stressful new classes, the athletes were the most eager for this event.

“This was really needed,” Emecka Iheama, freshman point guard from Cleveland, Ohio, said. “I barely have time to meet new people, and this is a great opportunity to see everybody in one place.”

The block party was not just for campus residents, but for all students and faculty. Food was also readily available to all who came.

Hot dogs and hamburgers, cooked on a grill, invited everyone with its enticing smell.

C.J. Davis, a business major said he was having a good time. He was surprised at how many people lived on campus.

This year Student Government is trying hard to solve student issues, such as student safety.

For those interested in getting involved, Student Government meets Fridays at noon in the student center room 134.

To stay informed Students can sign up to receive text messages with event information or sign up for a newsletter.

The MC Facebook is also a place where much information is shared, and MC is also trying to set up an Instagram page. For more information, email