Midland College Club Fair

The recent 2014 Midland College Club, did not only grow in the number of organizations and clubs, but also grew in the amount of involvement and reaching out to encourage Midland College students.

Students who were and are looking for a chance to get involved with the community had their chance. Students registered for an MC club or volunteered with some local non-profits.

Stephanie VanCuren, coordinator of student activities, said: “We weres just really trying to get students involved on campus and as well as the community. We have a total of 39 organizations here today and about half of those are Midland College organizations and the other half are nonprofits in the community seeking volunteers.”

VanCuren also said that there were a few new clubs and organizations that joined the MC ranks. “ Hmm I think I had either four or five that will be starting this year and I believe there might be more that  will start this year as well,” she said.

For instance, a new club that began this year was the Rotaract Club. The local club adviser, Tiffany Blakely, described this club as a service club, with the goal to help the community.

“We will do different projects like help the disabled; they do this special show on Friday mornings at the air show and also another project we will volunteer at is the September Fest,” she said. Rotaract members can volunteer locally and internationally, build career contacts, develop leadership skills, network with service-minded people worldwide, and make new friends with lots of fun.

Each year there are different expectations so that the students will stay involved and reach out to more people.

“We have a few different organizations this year and a few more organizations then we had last year,” she said. Different meaning new ones that have never been before such as the Life Center, Teen Flow; ones we have invited but maybe just didn’t need volunteers in the past and they do this year so they came out.”

Some students gave their opinion on whether they enjoyed club fair.

Student Makenzie Burhart said, “This is my first year here at Midland College and I felt welcomed by the club fair; it was extremely welcoming and I learned that to just get what they hand you and gain the knowledge of each organization.

Student Tati Garza agreed. “It was really fun and I will definitely come next year with some people to inform them about the clubs, plus free food!”

Getting students involved in a club and creation of new clubs is cumbersome, VanCuren said. “Getting involved depends on the organization. For example I am the adviser for student government, and so for student government, you can attend three consecutive meetings or get a petition and have 25 signatures from Midland College students.

Other organizations may just have you join them by attending their meetings; it just really depends on their constitution or by-laws. To start a club on campus, sponsors need a minimum of 10 MC students, and a full time faculty staff adviser. A registration form is filled out, sent in along with a constitution and/ or by-laws and then we do risk management training which is state mandated for advisers.”

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