Spicy subs, mild rating for Jersey Mike’s

The newly remodeled Cornerstone shopping center on Loop 250 offers a brand new sandwich shop, Jersey Mike’s Subs. The chain eatery is located off Midland Drive, convenient to Midland College.

The atmosphere is casual, with plenty of seating for the lunch time rush. There are tables and chairs in an outside patio area as well. The walls are decorated with a New Jersy theme. The inside of the restaurant was neat and clean and the employees bussed the tables as needed.

Orders are taken at the middle of the counter and registers are at the end of the counter to avoid clutter. The employees were friendly and helpful. The menu consists of a variety of sandwiches and wraps with chips and cookies for sides.

I ordered the Buffalo chicken wrap with a wheat tortilla. My brother ordered the meatball sandwich on white bread. Both were hot sandwiches.

The wait time was reasonable as the food had to be heated, and the order was brought out to the table shortly. Jersey Mike’s takes a name for the order, but doesn’t give a number or place holder for the table. The set-up of the ordering area and tables led to confusion on where we should wait for our order. We sat down, but were unsure if the name would be called or the food brought to us.

The food was satisfactory. The sandwiches were hot all the way through. The wheat tortilla on the wrap was flavorful and the buffalo sauce was not overpoweringly spicy. The lettuce on the wrap was a bit wilted and limp. Overall, the sandwich tasted good.

The meatball sandwich was acceptable, with lots of cheese and meatballs. The complaint on the meatball sandwich was that the sauce was too salty and the bread was dry.

Prices are on the higher end of casual sandwich shops. Sandwiches are offered in three sizes, and any sandwich can be made in to a wrap or salad. The regular-sized hot sandwiches were about $8 each, and a small combo with chips and a drink was an additional $2.80. A kids’ combo meal is offered.

Jersey Mike’s also offers catering and online orders. It is located at 4400 N. Midland Drive and online at jerseymikes.com. 3.5/5

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