Missing sports at MC due to lack of funding, support

More official sports opportunities at Midland College are unlikely even though neighboring University of Texas of the Permian Basin is adding football to its line-up, according to some MC students and officials.

MC athletics include baseball, volleyball, softball, golf and basketball, but sports such as track, soccer and swimming may be low-cost additions.

MC Professor and Sports Advocate Lee Almaguer said, “I don’t believe that MC should have any more sports. I love sports, but the money should go into construction.”

Funding isn’t the only problem keeping MC from expanding its athletic program. If more sports were to be added, the college would face the issue of a possible lack of support.

“Another problem is how many people would actually show up to these events?” Almaguer said.

MC Student Kayla Paschall agrees. “I have been to a few sports events throughout the semester and I’ve noticed that there’s not a lot of supporters,” she said. “If MC added another sport, I believe that it might lack fans as well.”

Another barrier to consider is equality and fairness among MC students.

“The Title Nine rule also has to be considered,” Almaguer said. “Due to gender equality and the majority of the students being female, more scholarships would have to be given to girls. The gender ratio is 59 to 41, so for every 10 scholarships given to boys 12 or 13 would have to be given to girls.”

The biggest concern with adding more sports to the athletic program is the new sport being able to sustain itself.

The sport would have to be able to financially support itself and benefit the college.

Would MC end up losing money by adding more sports?

“The most logical and cheapest sport to put in would be soccer, but could it sustain itself though?” Almaguer said.

Community colleges use their athletic programs to increase enrollment and expand their college, Almaguer said. “Is this the best way to increase enrollment though?”

MC Softball Player Taylor Daniels said promotion is the key to any expansion.

“I feel like softball isn’t advertised as much as the other sports are. If MC were to expand the athletic program, there would need to be better advertising in order to gain fans and financial supporters,” Daniels said.IMG_0545

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