Masses entertained by revenge comedy

 The other Woman was something different and exciting, especially how three woman form a friendship behind one man.

This movie took a no-good cheater to a whole other level from lies, pain, and pay back. Leslie Mann, played the wife who has no idea her husband is no good. Cameron Diazcame along and dropped the bad news, and together they find out about Kate Upton who played a young beauty.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau played the husband who not only had a wife but two girl friends on the side.

The Other Womanwas more than a chick flick; it had a kick and a splash of drama, action, comedy and originality. This movie was entertaining from binging to the end. Viewers will be impressed how the movie ends as the film leaves no unanswered questions.

Nicki Minaj played her part well, even though she didn’t have a major lead role her The senses were awesome. Her body dialog, face expressions and attitude fit her characters perfectly.

This movie would be great for any gender and any age. It was classy about sex, but it wasn`t over- the-top trashy. The film was very well-written, and all the actors  contribute something to make this movie  marvelous.

Even though the movie had some sad movements, the movie was overall worth seeing. The movie expressed how friendship can be formed anywhere from any situation. Also the movie promoted the morals of real friends.

This movie was like a great book just as the consumer can’t wait to get to the next page..The main idea of this movie is three women getting revenge with a low-down, no-good man, who believes he has everything together.

The Other Woman is rated PG-13,running 109 minutes long.

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