Interim classes allow for catch-up

Interim and summer session classes are a good way to knock out degree requirements and get ahead in a college career, said Jeremy Martinez, admissions and recruitment director.

If students don’t do well in classes, they have the opportunity to take classes in the shorter semesters to stay caught up, or if they had to drop a class they can make it up, he said.

“The other reason students may take summer classes is if they want get some classes in to graduate early, and some people come home for the summer and have a chance to take required classes or take classes for a cheaper rate than at a university,” Martinez said.

MC student Jessica Bohl said that she is taking college algebra during the spring interim to get it done quickly, so she can move on to higher level math courses that she needs to complete. Michael Dixon, math instructor, recommended taking the course over spring interim, she said.

A good size for classes is about 15 to 25 students, said Connie Sanchez, developmental math instructor. Students who take interim and summer classes want to be in the classes and are well motivated to succeed.

“I really enjoy teaching the classes,” she said.

The 2014 spring interim session is almost underway. The last day to register online is May 12 and walk in is May 9. The first class day is May 12 and final exams are May 28.

Registration for summer sessions is open now through May 29 for Summer 1 and July 9 for Summer 2. Summer 1 starts June 2 and final exams are July 9. Summer 2 starts July 10 and final exams are August 15.

For more information visit or contact Jeremy Martinez at (432) 685-5523.

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