BE THE MATCH facilitates life saving bone marrow transplants

BETHEMATCHMidland College Student Government Association’s hosting of BE THE MATCH, a bone marrow registry swabbing event is a wonderfully beneficial organization for those with major illness, according to Stephanie VanCuren, MC student activities coordinator.

The event, held in the Marie Hall Academic Building, invited students and faculty to join the registry.

BE THE MATCH offers the opportunity to give a life-saving marrow transplant to someone in need. Thousands of patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases depend on “BE THE MATCH” registry is the largest and most diverse registry in the world to find a life-saving donor, VanCuren said.

The process for joining the registry is quick, easy, and painless, she said.”I am in the registry, and I can attest to this.”

Participants completed an application and had four swabs taken of mouths. To register, applicants had to be between the ages of 18 and 44, be willing to donate to any patient in need, and meet health guidelines.

Midlander Susan Reeves was a recipient of the BE THE MATCH donor program from a Marine. The transplant she received saved her life.

Reeves had contracted polio as a child and battled and won against breast cancer later in life. A year later, she discovered she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, an aggressive form of leukemia.

A stem cell transplant was necessary to save Reeves life, and a perfect match was found through “BE THE MATCH” registry. The transplant was a success, and Reeves has been cancer free since.

“Thanks to my donor, Nickolas Schraeder, my doctors, the “BE THE MATCH” registry, and most of all, my God, I am looking forward to many more leukemia-free years to spend in this beautiful world,” Reeves said. “I was given a third chance at life because someone selflessly shared his stem cells with me. You can be that person as well.”

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