MC asks job seekers to raid its closet

When applicants have an interview, an important consideration is the first impression and how the applicants present themselves.

Some students find the perfect outfit is way out of their price range, according to Lupe Daniels, Midland College career guidance/job placement coordinator.

Daniels has presented a solution to this concern called the Job Zone Closet.

“The purpose of this is to help students, whenever they go on an interview, to look as professionally as they can,” Daniels said.

She plans for the compilation of clothing to provide complete business-attire outfits for both males and females.

The purpose is to help boost the confidence of students who need extra help. Some students may only need a piece of an outfit, she said.

The program is structured by having something in the form of a gift card that can be redeemed at certain stores.

“It is not like they can just buy anything though,” she said. “There will be a contact person and a list and the items on the list are the only things the students can get.”

The reason for the gift cards, instead of just having people donate clothes, is because it is hard to get clothing in all sizes and styles.

“There are so many different sizes and that is going to be hard for whenever people donate because there are just so many sizes I need,” she said.

“It will only be to a certain store… and only certain things they can get, and it will not be a whole lot of money,” she added.

The launch of the Job Zone Closet will be publicized soon. “I will send out an email, a text to everybody campus-wide and of course to students,” Daniels said. “It will be done by appointment only.”

These gift cards are not just to be handed out to anyone and everyone who wants to go shopping; they are strictly for buying items that are needed for interview purposes.

“The way I have been doing it is I am going need proof they have an interview.” she said.

“I am not going to let anybody come in and say ‘Hey, I have an interview; I want some clothes.’ It will not happen that way. It will be for people in need. I hope students will be confident enough to come see me,” Daniels said.

She added: “This is just a stepping stone to their future. That is what it is all about. Just that professional image that everybody needs to portray on that first interview, second interview, third interview.

“That first impression is very important, and it has to be a professional impression because that is what the employers are looking for.”

Interested students can contact Lupe Daniels at or 685-4716.

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