Love story explores reality

About Last Night was a typical  love story that takes a turn to reality with a twist of real life relationship problems, not just Hollywood gloss.

The physical attraction was on a high level watching Danny played  by Michael Ealy,  as he showed Debbie played by  Joy Bryan,  how he would treat her  if  he was her man. As he took Debbie’s hand and she looked into  his courage eyes, viewers  could just imagine being in Debbie`s shoes and melting and Danny’s arms.

Kevin Hart played Bernie the opposite character of Danny. He was, Danny`s right hand man who was dating Debbie’s best friend Jona,  played by Regina Hall.

Danny is a romantic while Bernie is careless and thinks only of  himself. Debbie keeps  to herself about her feelings, while Jona is blunt and does not mind speaking her mind.

About Last Night promoted  morals such as honesty, faithfulness, and the worthiness of values and people.

Hart and Hall are the comedians throughout the movie. This movie would be great for an audience that enjoys excitement and unexpected laughter. For instance, If you like real like problems such as pain, hurt and drama in relationships that keeps you involved. There will be no issue to enjoy this movie unless there are problems with profanity and sexuality.

The movie could have been a lot better if there wasn`t so much on sex. If  the movie was more based on the relationship issues instead of the physical attraction between the couples, the movie wouldn’t seem so trashy and over the top scandalous. The couples did meet in a bar and their relationship formed from a one night stand.

About Last Night runs 100 minutes, the movie is rated R. There are sexual images and a lot of profanity, so it is not recommended for anyone under 18.  3 out 5 stars


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