Hair can be hot style or hot mess

People have their own style of doing things, but it never hurts to learn some hair dos and don’ts. Creative hair styles can be cool, but there is a thin line between hair show style and a hot mess.

There is nothing wrong with wearing fake hair as long as it’s not obvious it is not yours. When you have tracks sticking out where anybody can see it’s not natural, that’s a don’t and tacky. Hair glue over your forehead is a huge don’t. Why would people want to walk around with dark black glue on there face?

Loud, bright colors are not for everyone, especially when it’s looks like a bag of Skittles. That’s when persons should know they are overdoing it. Highlights are definitely in style, but knowing how to wear them is the main key. Hairstyles that look natural are always a good choice.

Natural hair, wigs and tracks sometimes get so bad that they become nappy or matted. When that time comes, it’s time for maintenance or an update to keep that hairdo looking presentable.

If your natural hair becomes nappy, apply a relaxer or straighten it. When your wig and tracks are out of whack, it’s time to react with a replacement wig or new tracks. There is no reason to be walking around looking out of place.

Braids are becoming more and more popular, from box braids to micro braids. Using hair to spell out words or wearing rainbow braids, that is taking it to the extreme.

Hair Show styles are extremely creative and are meant to stay on the runway, not for wearing to work or the store. Some creative hair styles can be worn for special occasions, but only by the risk takers in the world.

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