Film earns an “A”

How far would you go to defend your beliefs? This is the very question university student Josh Wheaten, played by Shane Harper, is forced to ask himself during his first class, philosophy I.

Philosophy professor Jeffery Raddison, played by Kevin Sorbo, challenges his students to declare, “God is dead.” Students who do so receive an A on that portion of the class; the students who fail at doing so must address the class and prove the existence of God.

Christians have been begging Hollywood to produce Christian-themed films. While there was a lot of controversy surrounding the weekend’s top grossing film, Noah, Hollywood was dead-on with the groundbreaking film, God’s Not Dead.

The movie’s cast played a significant role in the success of the film, which was the opening weekend’s number five film in the nation.
Soul Surfer’s Kevin Sorbo, Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson, and Good Luck Charlie’s Shane Harper made the movie what it was. Casting such characters was a very smart move made by director Harold Cronk. Including the Christian band Newsboys wasn’t a bad idea either, especially since their hit song God’s Not Dead turned into the anthem of the movie.

The makers of God’s Not Dead did an outstanding job of creating many different emotions throughout the movie. At certain parts you wanted to cry, other parts you were angry, and towards the end you just wanted to clap with excitement.

God’s Not Dead is a must see, Christian or not. The PG-rated film is relevant for any and every student pursuing an education, especially college students working their way through science courses. I haven’t seen a movie as powerful and eye-opening as God’s Not Dead.

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