Wentz Tells All in Gray.

For rockstars, being on tour and in an unstable environment can be difficult if they are suffering from clinical depression and heartbreak.

In the novel Gray, Pete Wentz, bass player and lyricist for alternative band Fall Out Boy discusses his experiences with shows, people and how he struggled while touring worldwide.

Wentz incorporates feelings and thoughts into Gray that all readers can relate to on some level.

It’s no secret that Wentz isn’t the most chipper guy in the world. If you listen to FOB, then you know what I’m talking about.

Despite the ‘emo’ stereotype, the band member/song writer has meaning behind every song he writes and plays for the band.

Throughout his novel, Wentz provides the reader with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and distress. Being away from home and handling mental illness alone has got to be rough, no matter how successful and famous you are.

The novel is read like a diary from someone who is at constant war with themselves.

It almost feels like readers are reading their own words.

Gray makes readers feel as if every page were about their life. The novel made me laugh and cry.

There is no escaping empathy with Gray. Wentz sets himself apart from his band to show that being a rockstar isn’t always what it seems.

It’s not all free drinks, free drugs and free girls. Sometimes it’s lying around a tour bus aching to be home.

Day after day, Wentz illustrates his journey in finding himself, loving and losing, and self destruction.

A storm of emotions attack the author and leave him stranded, searching for a way of survival. His way of describing depression is uncanny.
The writer has a history of writing astounding songs and can now add ‘great novels’ to his reputation.

He is a true artist and shows that even the most successful and incredible artists have gone through trials and tribulation.

I found it almost impossible to put the book down once I opened it. It is well written from beginning to end.

The author told a story from the life of a rockstar to show readers that traveling the world, making lots of money and partying all the time isn’t always fun.

It isn’t always a happy experience and no matter the amount of success. It means nothing if you aren’t satisfied with yourself.

I don’t recommend the novel to a young audience, because of the use of language and sexual content, but it is appropriate for anyone over the age of 13.

All fans of FOB or Wentz himself should take a look at Gray.

Every hardcore fan likes to think they know everything about a band or band member, and this would give fans the perfect opportunity to add some information to their collections.

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