Son of God no Passion of the Christ

Can you guess the top grossing Rated R film of all time? If you guessed The Passion of the Christ, you are correct. The film is a beautiful but graphic portrayal of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The graphic scenes in the movie definitely highlighted the title of the film. The film, directed by Mel Gibson, captivated the hearts of its viewers in 2004.

Now, 10 years later, a new film attempting to top The Passion of the Christ has hit the theaters.

With more than 100 million viewers, The Bible series became the number one TV series of 2013, topping some of America’s favorites such as Duck Dynasty. Due to the hype and popularity created by the series, the directors and producers were compelled to deliver a movie.

The Son of God movie, starring Diogo Morgado as Jesus, begins with clips from The Bible, depicting biblical stories leading up to the birth of Jesus. The movie progresses very quickly from his birth to adulthood.

Most expected to see Jesus as a youngster preaching in the temple, as that is one of the major stories of the Bible.

Unfortunately, the movie omitted such a scene. However, the scenes that were shown were rather intriguing.

Watching Peter walk on water and seeing Pontius Pilot slay a man were two scenes that make the movie worth watching.

The death scene of Jesus was a success. It was not as breathtaking as The Passion’s version, but it definitely presented the message of his death very well.

The Son of God movie hit theaters late February. Whereas Passion of the Christ was centered on the death of Jesus, Son of God was centered on his life and his works. Son of God definitely fell short of the bar that was set by the 2004 film. Son of God gets an A for effort.

The beginning of the movie progressed very quickly, but towards the middle of the movie, it became very slow and drawn out. It felt like it was stretched to fill 138 minutes of movie time.

One aspect of Son of God that made it interested, was that viewers got to see the human side of Jesus that captured his followers.

While the movie may have been long enough to create some snores, it also did a good job of creating real emotion and tears from some of its viewers.

Some of the scenery presented in the film seemed was very poor. However, the movie did do a fantastic job creating certain scenes that look legitimate. Even the characters looked their part. In that area, I applaud writer and director of Son of God, Christopher Spencer for his work.

The movie did an excellent job of selecting actors that could very well play their character.

Overall, Son of God was adequate. The PG-13 rated film seemed to have a family friendly feel to it, which is very much unlike The Passion. The movie also failed in accuracy and did a poor job of moving its audience in comparison to The Passion.

Many viewers are likely to be disappointed. The exciting, upbeat trailers compelled viewers to watch the film.

However, the movie as a whole failed to deliver that same kind of excitement and passion.

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