Out of Order.

artshow4The week before spring break, Midland College welcomed four artists to put together an art show for students, staff and the Midland community. The Out of Order art show opened on January 27 and will be on display until March 28 in the Allison Fine Arts building. , MC gallery director, Michael Hubbard hosted the art show and introduced all of the artists; Paula Gaetano-Adi, Lily Kuonen, Squeak Meisel and Brian Hutchenson .

The first art presentation that was shown was called the Perpetual Motion Machine by Gaetano, assistant director of studio arts at the University of North Texas. Gaetano’s art piece was performance based and involved six MC art students. The second artist to show his work was Brian Hutchenson. Hutchenson’s art pieces were the stages of life, from birth to death and the miracles that happen in between.

Kuonen is another featured artist who traveled from Florida to participate in Out of Order. Meisel presented his artwork, Throne by performing. MC music student Matt Wimberly played the drums while Meisel balanced on a piece of wood while holding a stack of plates and throwing them to the ground one at a time.

The artists were contacted by Hubbard almost seven months in advance, according to Gaetano. The four met each other the week before the art show’s opening night and each worked to get their pieces put together in time. The artists put together an art show in a week’s time and returned to their homes shortly after opening night was over.

Gaetano encourages others to attend art shows.

“It allows us to see everyday life in a different way. It allows us to see the world critically,” Gaetano said.

She described the art work as “eclectic” and added that the show contains “all different kinds of work.”

Michael Richardson, MC ceramics and sculpture professor took part in the art show as well, helping Meisel with his performance.

Richardson said that he got to “choose a person to bring in.”

“I chose my sculpture professor from grad school, Squeak Meisel. He does really cool instillations and does performance art,” said Richardson.

The artists were chosen by the art faculty.

“We were leaning towards artists that would push the envelope a little bit,” said Hubbard.

Art students were a part of the show as well and helped with the performances.

“Basically anyone who is in an art class right now was part of the art show,” said Hubbard.

The artists were given complete freedom, according to Hubbard.

“I expected it to be weird. I knew it was going to be a little odd and bizarre,” said Hubbard. The art show told a story and each artist portrayed their own unique was of presenting things. Those who attended the art show witnessed different representations of art and were exposed to art other than the usual paintings, sculptures and displays.

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