Technology helps MC Students

SudentswithBackpacksTechnology has helped another students not suffer so much with back pains from a heavier load, According to MC student Marissa Bernal.

She has always had back problems in the past, but since she has been a student at Midland College a backpack has came in handily for her considering all the books and classes she has. Bernal said as a result of wearing her backpack she has been having upper back pains.

“I couldn`t image how the day would be without my backpack,” Bernal said. Bernal added that she also carries her lab top in her backpack which takes the places of two text books. She has them as eBooks which makes her load a little less heavy and easier.

People don`t realize the damage backpacks can have on the back. Biology Professor Claudia Hinds said if the backpacks are too heavy, it’s going to cause the shoulders to  protract putting stress on the muscles and lower back which causes the spine to arch.

“Backpacks can cause pinched nerves and disk problems, and  the pressure of the backpack could cause knots they are very painful,” Hinds said. Hinds added when muscles are stressed it causes the muscles to guard which helps to protect the join of the back and shoulders.

MC student Whitney Collins said sometimes when she takes of your backpack she feels pains in her back especially on the days that are heavier than others. “Tuesdays and Thursday are the days I have more classes and more books than my Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday classes so my load is more heavier,” said Collins.

Collins feels there is not enough time between her class to go in get the books she need for her next’s class which is one of the reason she uses her backpack.  She said there are times when her pain is unbearable to the case that she wants to just stop and remove her backpack, but in reality she knows that reason would not be a good excuse for being late for class.

Dr. John Riggs Chiropractor at Alternative Chiropractic solutions, said they often see back pain, neck, and shoulder pain with heavy backpacks as well because of the straps pulling down on the trapezium muscles in the neck area.

“If the students have several books to carry, the weight of the books is compressing down on the muscles, which shut down enough to cause tissue damage, so we end up with tight, knotted’ up muscles,” Dr. Riggs said.

Midland college book store offers access codes which allows the student to get the whole or part of the book online according to MC book store employee Barbra Underwood. she said none of MC books just come on computers the hard copy comes with the code.

Underwood said depending on  what the instructor request if they would like the students to have the hard book or just the code. she said a large present of the new hard copies comes with access code.

” The use books does not have the access code once the code is used it can`t not be reused, so the students that buy the used books will not have access to the code.” Underwood said.

According to Living Strong .com backpacks shouldn’t weigh more than 15 percent of a person body weight. Long time effects of wearing backs could be neck injury, muscle strain, chronic pains and serious risks to the posture and spinal.

Claudia Guerren Licensed Massage Therapist at Joe James salon and day  spa. She said client’s with knotted up muscles would usually get a Swedish massage treatments. which takes 90 minutes the products that are used for this treatments are Effleurage massage oils.

” Swedish massage is a lot more relaxing it helps remove tension from the muscles,” Guerren said.

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