Mike Tyson knocks out audience

It’s not often that a former thief, thug, drug addict and rapist lays it all out on the line and tells you his perspective of the things he’s done and the things he’s been accused of. It’s not often that those four terms can be used to describe a single person either.

Mike Tyson has been all of those things and a few more. He’s been feared, loved, hated and adored over the course of his life. He recently began taking his story to a stage and laying it all out there in plain view for everyone to see. Like him or hate him, it’s a new, eye-opening perspective.

Mike Tyson recently presented his Undisputed Truth at the Far West Event Center in Odessa earlier this month. Tyson opened his show by explaining how his life had come full circle. He had gone from a poor black kid to the youngest heavy weight boxing champion. Then he spiraled back down with his rape conviction, drug addiction and eventual clean and sober reemergence as a happy, well-rounded and grateful person.

He began the show sitting on an old boxing corner stool. As he spoke, his calm demeanor gradually gave way to the animated and hyper approach that dominated the rest of his show.

After getting to his feet and doing away with the stool, Tyson came out like he was 20 years old and ready to fight again. This is Mike Tyson, the most dangerous man on the planet, and he is ready to lay it all out. He was full of energy, and though the act is rehearsed, it’s hard to tell. It’s Mike telling stories.

Tyson is comfortable talking about his past and cracks jokes at his own expense as well as the expense of the people in the stories. He mispronounces many words and has many Freudian slips because of his excitement over telling the stories. He’s crass, he’s foul-mouthed, he’s intimidating. But, he’s also happy, and his audience is happy right along with him and for him.

Tyson covers everything: his childhood and rise to boxing super-stardom, his marriage and divorce to Robin Givens, his time in jail, his feelings towards Don King and the infamous bite heard ‘round the world. Tyson laid out his Undisputed Truth for everyone to see and has no regrets about it.

He had fun and stayed after to pose for photographs with fans before getting ready to travel to his next destination on his tour, even though the show started about 30 minutes late.

The only real downside to the performance was Tyson, after doing the show for nearly a year, was starting to show it.

His voice tended to get raw, and for a few moments it was hard to understand him.

The Odessa performance was the second to last show for the tour. El Paso was the final stop. Overall, Mike Tyson puts on a wonderful and engaging show.

If you missed seeing Tyson at the Far West, his special can be viewed on HBO.IMG_3901

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