MC uses awareness weeks to draw students’ interest

“We like to have these big, colorful, in-your-face posters (about events and special-emphasis weeks and months) pinned up around campus to make sure the students see them,” said Stephanie VanCuren, student activities coordinator.

Unfortunately, when students only have 10 seconds to get from one class to another, they don’t have time to stop and admire the creative and informative posters that are hung up all over campus.

What these posters contain is what is happening at Midland College, whether there is a blood drive on campus or if there is an upcoming comedian performing.

Special-awareness weeks at MC can come in many different forms, but students will never be disappointed with what the school has in store for students, VanCuren said.

Along with the posters that are posted all around campus, there are faster ways to receive upcoming events.

“We have a lot of ways the students can get connected with what is going on at MC; there are faster ways to receive info about awareness weeks and upcoming events,” VanCuren said.

A student can use Facebook to receive notifications about what’s coming up.

Of course, this is a popular way because this is a good use of our social media, she said.

“We look through our Facebooks all the time to see what’s coming up and who’s going where,” she said. “So why not friend MC and you too can receive notifications about special drives and awareness’s coming up.”

Texting is another trending way that students can receive messages about events. All a student has to do is text @midlandchaps to receive a message so they can participate in any happenings going on.

“I recently signed up to receive text messages from MC telling me about the upcoming awareness weeks we are having on campus,” said Daysha Wentz, MC student. “This is a fast way to figure out what’s going on,”

MC also offers Sex Ed awareness activities where they inform students and others who are willing to come learn about STDs and the cons of a sexual relationship before marriage.

Coming up in the next month, MC will be hosting the House of Chaps, which is an open mic-night to showcase talents.
A Casino Night event is also happening on March 25.

“We have so much for the students to participate in the months to come,” VanCuren said.

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