MC remembers benefactor

ScharbauerClarence Scharbauer Jr. passed away on Friday, Feb. 21. His name and legacy will live on at Midland College long after most residents are gone and forgotten, MC officials said this week.

Scharbauer was born July 6, 1925 and was a fixture in the Midland community for his entire life.

His generosity was well known throughout the area. Through his and his family’s work and donations, the original First National Bank of Midland was opened, the Midland International Airport was built, Midland Memorial Hospital expanded, and radio station KCRS was founded.

Scharbauer’s work and philanthropic spirit can be seen all over the MC campus as well. The student center bears his name, as well as the Legacy Scholarship, originally began by the Abell-Hangar Foundation, and the Early College High School Program.

He and his Foundation are also partially responsible for the F. Marie Hall Simlife Center, the Craddick Residence Hall Campaign, Chaparral Circle Endowment Fund, the Doctor’s Day Scholarship, and several other programs and projects around campus.

Kathy Fletcher, executive director of Institutional Advancement and the Midland College Foundation, spoke about Scharbauer’s contributions to Midland College.

“The family and foundation have been supportive partners since our early endeavors all the way up to the Early College High School. They are a very generous family to partner with. They have been a thread that runs deep through the college,” she said.

Clarence Scharbaur Jr. was known for many things throughout his life. He was a titan in the horse racing and ranching community, and he was beloved for his vision and helping build Midland into the city it is today.

However, Midland College will remember Scharbauer for his generous spirit that helped ensure the futures of current and future students.

“I think that the fact that our student center is named after the Scharbauer family speaks for itself and how important they are to us,” said Dr. Steve Thomas, Midland College president. “They’ve made generous donations to Midland College throughout the years and are still part of an annual giving group that supports the college.”

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