MC police patrol campus, city streets.

Midland College Police have authority for arrests and other duties off the campus as well as on it. “Not only are we able to enforce the law at Midland College, we can also take charge around the city and are sometimes called to attend motor accidents nearby when the Midland police is unable to,” said officer Michele Van Stavern.

Van Stavern said that all of the officers in the MC Police Department are state officials and therefore, unlike Midland police department officers, they have jurisdiction over every county in Texas, including Midland.

She also said that MC officers are called when arrests are to be made out of city limits, whereas the Midland police would not be able to make such arrests.

“As far as tickets go the most common we give out are for speeding on the circle. After all it is considered a street” she said.

Richard McKee, Chief of the Midland College Police Department, said that MC officers are not only allowed to follow people off campus to give them tickets, they can also issue tickets to people who commit traffic violations on Wadley St. and Garfield Ave.

“The MC police has been called to address traffic problems, vehicle burglaries, a few assaults [and] accidents,” McKee said. “We have arrested a number of people who have been involved in violent crimes off campus that are on our campus currently.”

McKee said that last year there were 17 accidents reported on campus, not including those that take place on the perimeter (Garfield Ave. and Wadley St.)

“Most of these accidents take place in the parking lot” he said. “We did have one that involved an intoxicated driver who took out one of the poles in the center median by student housing. We had another vehicle rollover where a guy was cutting across the Chap Center parking lot in excess of 60 mph, lost control, hit the median went over the fence and out into the airport area.”

McKee also talked about a student who was also cutting across the Chaparral Center parking lot at a high-speed rate who hit the concrete median so hard it deployed his airbags and ended up totaling his vehicle.

He said that most of the accidents are caused by people backing up in the parking lots or going for the same space and not seeing each other.
McKee said that in his opinion, the number of crashes that take place on campus has not increased since the boom hit. Occasionally there are serious vehicular accidents, but they are rare. The major crashes occur at the intersections of Garfield Ave. and Wadley St., but those are not counted towards MC records because they are generally handled by the Midland police department. There have been some serious accidents but no fatalities accounted for.

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