MC Choir joins mass ensemble for performance of Carmina Burana

choirMidland College Choir Director Bert Bostic is using collaborative efforts to prepare students for careers while giving them entertainment experience. This semester’s effort was when his choir joined with the Odessa College choir, University of the Permian Basin choir and guest artists for the performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

As stated on the MC “Your College Blog,” Carmina Burana is not just one story on one topic. It is based on “24 Medieval poems consisting of topics that transcend any time period or culture –Nature, the intoxicating effects of love and the enjoyments of earthly pleasures. Inspired by the raw emotion Orff transforms these bold lyrics into powerful, catchy melodies, adored by all.”

Orff’s Symphony has come back into recognition as the MOSC Orchestra invited local colleges to participate in the performance of their 51st season of their Master Work Series, MC Choir Director Bert Bostic, OC Choir Director David Chorman, UTPB Choir Director Cory Alexander and MOSC Director Greg Pysh worked to prepare students for the final performance which was conducted by Director Gary Lewis.

They along with all participating students such as, soprano Virginia Anderson, tenor Mathew Scott and alto Brianna Brandt, met over the course of several months and worked to make this performance the “big success” that it was, according to Bostic.

This performance was just the beginning of these young students’ careers and they already had the crowd ready for more. These future stars really put on a show as the entire audience viewed more than 200 voices, and an array of instruments came together in unison.

“The overall performance was high quality and a very good experience for both the audience, performers and directors.” Bostic said.

Although they made it look easy, behind the scenes the students put in numerous hours of practice, at least four times a week for nearly half a semester Bostic said. This gave everyone the time to perfect and prepare for their opening night.

“One of the hardest pressures of the program was placing all the choirs together with the orchestra, but combined effort was only part of preparing for such a program,” Bostic said.

Outside of the hard work, the long hours, and the stress of the final outcome, Bostic said that his favorite part of this experience was the thrill that it brought to him to be able to put all these pieces back together and watch a true work of art come back to life.

The MC Choir will also be performing a selected group of pieces dating from the 1700’s to the 21st century on March 25 and an instrumental and choral piece covering everything from Broadway to Show tunes on April 24.

The performances will be conducted in the Allison Fine Arts building, in the Wagner & Brown auditorium.

For more information please contact anyone from the Midland College fine arts faculty.


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