Lego Movie stacks up

The Lego Movie is exactly what it needed to be. It is a big-budget feast of nostalgic eye candy. It appeals to both children and adults because, come on, it’s Lego. The simple interconnecting blocks we all grew up with has made it’s name by taking all those wonderful scenarios that a child’s imagination can come up with and applying them to licensed products for almost every popular culture phenomenon in the last 40 years.

Almost all of these products show up in the Lego Movie. The major players from the Justice League, Gandalf and Dumbledore, Milhouse, Michaelangelo (both the turtle and the artist), and various other pop cultural icons from Lego’s arsenal of available properties are put to use. But the movie is about a nobody character named Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt, who goes from a mindless drone to saving the universe from the nefarious clutches of evil Lord Business, voiced by Will Farrell, all while getting the girl, voiced by Elizabeth Banks, at the same time.

The Lego Movie is quick-witted and fast-paced and full of nostalgic references for adults who grew up with Legos will love, such as Benny, the generic ‘80s Space-man, as well as plenty of action for the youngest generation of mini-fig fans. The chase sequences are especially fun to watch as the characters build different Lego vehicles and contraptions on the fly very quickly.

The casting for this movie could not have been better. The supporting cast includes dramatic actors such as Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson, as well as comedy stars Nick Offerman, Charlie Day and Allison Brie. The movie also features various appearances by the likes of Billy D. Williams, Anthony Daniels and Shaq and others appearing in very familiar roles.

Overall, the movie is a wonderful masterpiece showcasing the imagination that people tend to lose as they grow older. The ending of the movie is especially heart-warming, and without spoiling it too much, that reminds the adults in the audience that they were a kid once too and the children that their parents really aren’t all that bad after all.

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