Documentary Lifts Spirits.

Sometimes people need an eye-opener to make them realize that life has much more to give than what appears. Religion plays a huge part in helping people see things clearer and more in depth. In January a friend and I went to a showing of Dead Raiser, which was held in the lecture room in the Marie Hall Academic building.

We weren’t sure what to expect, considering the flyers that were placed around campus didn’t give much information, except time and location. Though we were clueless walking in, the title was enough to pull us in. I had my own expectation as to what the documentary was going to be about, like maybe zombies or exorcisms.

I honestly thought I was going to be terrified by film evidence of something paranormal. I was completely wrong.

There was a man from New Jersey who appeared in the film and started speaking before the showing. It turned out that the documentary was about Christians who have made horrible decisions and have lived a dark past but have found God and became strong in their faith and beliefs.
I am a Christian but haven’t attended anything church or religious related since I was a sophomore in high school.

I almost left because I didn’t want it to be a seminar telling everyone what to believe and do because I’ve been to churches who had priests who crammed religion down my throat, almost making me give up religion all together. In the end, I decided to stay.

I wasn’t even half way through the film when I started to sob uncontrollably. Luckily the lights were out so people couldn’t see my nose and mascara running. I don’t know why I started crying, but I couldn’t stop.

When the film was over, the lights were turned on and I couldn’t even look the speaker in the face.

The man ended the presentation with a prayer, and a lady I have never seen nor met in my life sat next to me and started praying. She blew my mind. She knew things about me that no one in the entire world does.

Her prayer even included things that I have a hard time admitting to myself, which made me cry even more.

As my friend and I were leaving, the presenter stopped me and asked to pray with me.

Yes, I still had snot and makeup all over my face.

And to my surprise, he knew even more about me than the first person who prayed over me. Again, he is from New Jersey, and I’ve never seen him in my life.

Trying to grasp what was happening was difficult, but felt a huge weight lifted off of me when I left.

It was then that I knew Christianity is an important part of life,

God does exist, nice people do exist and religion is the key to starting a healing process.


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