ADAC students help community

Negative peer pressure and exposure to drugs and alcohol are temptations that young people face, and getting a head start to warn children of the dangers is essential.

The Midland College Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling students put on an after-school program for children at the Boys & Girls Club of Midland in January.

MC students Ike Graves and Garrett Stewart organized and gave the program to around 30 children, ranging from ages 11 to 14.

“The ADAC program provides educational requirements for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas,” said Chesley Herd, LCDC and ADAC program chair.

The ADAC Program introduces the student to assisting clients in recognizing substance abuse and providing counseling skills and techniques to help clients develop new coping skills.

The counseling program focuses on helping the client develop skills for healthy living.

Graves and Stewart did the project on their own free time and did not receive a grade for teaching the program, she said.

“Students participate on a voluntary basis alone,” Herd said. “They volunteer on a needs basis.”

Drugs and alcohol weren’t a problem for Graves until college, he said.

After he started drinking, his grades fell and he struggled with alcoholism for many years.

Stewart started drinking much younger and was sucked in the party scene in high school, he said.

He still struggles.

“I just gave up smoking (tobacco) three days ago,” he said.

Both Graves and Stewart entered the ADAC program to help others overcome their drug and alcohol dependency.

“Students in the program are many times community-service oriented, therefore will volunteer when opportunities present themselves,” Herd said.

The students are building a deep knowledge base on counseling in the addiction area and have much to offer the community as a whole.DAAC Boys &GirlsClub

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