Review – Silver Spur Gun & Blade Show

Gun enthusiasts had an opportunity earlier this month to attend the Silver Spur Gun & Blade Show at the Midland County Horseshoe Arena.

The Silver Spur Show has many different vendors to cover the many different types of firearms and accessories and equipment that go with them.

For people interested in modern firearms, many of the vendors had varies models of hunting rifles, pistols and semi-auto rifles. The vendors had a good selection of vintage firearms that are 50 years old or older, both military and civilian. Some vendors also had antique firearms, which have a manufacturing date during or before 1898. There was a good selection of shooting supplies such as ammunition, reloading components and all sorts of accessories related the shooting.

The Silver Spur Gun & Blade Show offer option for people who are not interested in firearms. There were vendors offering knife sharpening. Some vendors were selling non-lethal self-defense equipment such as Tasers and pepper spray. Other vendor had western wear,home décor and other collectibles for sale.

Whether or not firearms are interesting, there should be something of interest for just about everyone at the Silver Spur Gun & Blade Shows.

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