Students Seek Quiet Study Space on Campus

College students are told to study hard and earn a degree, but what happens when there is nowhere to study?

Finding a quiet place to study is “sometimes the main reason for students to stop in here and come to the library (Learning Resource Center),” said LRC director John Deats.

Midland College educators want students to excel academically and do just as well as they would at any University, but some students said MC isn’t making it easy for students to access all resources or study areas.

The Library on campus closes at 10 p.m. on weekdays and closes during the weekend, however there are online resources that students are unaware of.

“We are more than a library; we are a collection of reading material and related services,” Deats said. “Students who are not on campus can access our online books and resources that add up to over 145,000 different titles at their access.”

Some students are still unsatisfied.

“Even during finals, the library closes too early for students who have jobs that let them off at nine or ten at night,” Student Ruben Gomez said.

“During the weeks leading up to finals there are limited areas that students can study in silence.”

The LRC is usually the center of final preparation on most campuses.

“What many students don’t know is that they can create a folder with articles and resources specifically chosen by them,” Deats said. “After they have made these files or folders they can email it to themselves and open it where ever they are as long as they have access to email.”

Student Jessica Zarate expressed frustration about a lack of computer access in the upper level of the library.

“When I study, I like to just sit and study for hours or until I’m done,” she said. “The only place in the library that I don’t get bothered is upstairs, but for a lot of classes I need to get on Canvas or write papers or even do research which requires my computer. There aren’t any plugs upstairs for me to plug my computer into if I lose charge, so I can only study as long as my battery allows.”

While there aren’t plugs upstairs, there are some connected to tables on the bottom floor, Deats said. Another place where students go to study is the Scharbauer Student Center.

Distractions come in from the grill and student activities, but students have been seen doing work or studying at the computers provided.

While this hub can be a meeting or study spot, students have found there is always the downside to not being able to print from the computer and not being able to access the computers after working hours.

The SSC closes when the school’s office hours end, making it difficult for students with night classes or conflicting work schedules to get other work done, Zarate said. Other students on campus are not happy with the Wi-Fi connection that can be sporadic across the campus.

“If the Wi-Fi connection for the Fox Science building was addressed, then the students could actually put the lounge to use and congregate in the building,” said student Owen Key.Students on campus have voiced their opinion about the lack of Wi-Fi dependability.

Others wish is was stronger in other buildings while they are in class.

“I like to follow along with the PowerPoint my teacher has for us online, and take notes while she is teaching; I can’t do that when the Wi-Fi stops working,” Student Henley Graves said.

Students have the same complaint about Wi-Fi connecting for both academic and recreational needs in the residence halls on campus.
Also some complain about the lack of respect during quiet hours.

“I have someone who lives above me who likes to scream at his Xbox early in the morning,” Graves said. “I’m all for playing games and having fun, but not when I have an 8 a.m. class.”

Sabrina Moya, a Craddick Hall resident agrees.

“People yell down the hall and do whatever they want when others are sleeping or trying to study,” she said. “It’s cool to have a good time, but they’d get mad just as easy if someone did that while they were studying.”

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