Mary Margaret’s Musings on voting

With the last election in Midland in November, I fully intended to vote. In every class I attended, I was reminded of the importance of voting. News articles bemoaned the fact young people don’t vote, and I was reminded daily of my right to exercise the powers of a democracy and the dangers of apathy towards picking new leaders.

As luck would have it, I came down with the flu the week of early voting and didn’t make it out of the house except to go to school. By Election Day, I was feeling better— not perfect, but I still planned to go to the polling place and vote. My brother came back from his classes and told me that there was no polling place on the Midland College campus.

During past elections, MC had a polling place set up in the Scharbaurer Student Center. The polling place had been moved to the Centennial branch of the Midland County Library. According to my brother, the polling place was in a meeting room, the lines were long and it was crowded.

At that point, I decided everyone was better off without my germs and I would give up my right to complain about the officials elected since I didn’t vote.

Moving the polling place from MC made voting for people on campus less convenient. Students with all-day class schedules, teachers and staff that may not have time during a break to leave campus all benefited from the polling place at MC. The set up at MC was always easy, convenient and fast.

I definitely won’t deny that my generation is apathetic towards matters of the government. Matters of the government rarely show up on the radar of young people unless the issues will directly affect them. An effective way to combat this is make reaction to issues unavoidable.

The polling place on the MC campus accomplished such a goal. With voting a mere walk away, students who may not have taken the time to vote were able to take a few minutes and take a part in our democracy.

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