Diary Explores Journey of Life.

Like many of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels, Diary was an adventure from beginning to end. Many twists and turns were included throughout, keeping the reader interested in digging deeper into the book to discover the truth behind the characters’ actions and intentions.

The story follows a woman who had hopes of gaining everything, only to lose it all. The attitude and wording in the novel was brilliant and was almost disturbing with how vivid of a picture the author provides with elaborate descriptions of gruesome situations.

Palahniuk has a special, admirable talent for story telling that is depicted well from cover to cover. He knows how to draw in an audience and keep them around for the next big thing. The characters are so well represented that it’s difficult to not picture how they look, even though they were made up in the mind of a creative genius.

The way Palahniuk leaves the imagination up to his readers is incredible. He has technique that lets the reader in on certain details without telling them too much. The illustration is completely left up to the fans who can’t lose grip of his book.

There is a mystery in Diary, and no matter how many times the reader thinks they have the plot figured out, I assure you that they don’t.

Reading this book, I changed my mind a handful of times and was still wrong about who did, or what really happened. Finding out that what was “figured out” was actually completely wrong is fun and refreshing.

Having to actually finish a book to discover what happened, instead of predicting the end, being right and having wasted time on an author who wasn’t capable of more imagination and intelligence makes one appreciate the hard work put into the author’s work and their natural ability to entertain and thrill.

Diary wasn’t a book I thought I would like or even be interested in, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down. That is why I love the author. If anyone else would have written a book about the same concept, it wouldn’t come close to comparing with the work of Palahniuk.

There were common ideas in the novel, like love, hate, death and misery but are used in unexpected ways.

The details put into Diary, along with the ability for readers to relate to the characters on his or her own level is the perfect way to show how much thought and careful planning the author had to do in order to write a mind-blowing novel.

There was not a moment that I questioned the author’s ability while reading this book and am now certain that he is completely devoted to his job as a writer and loves to produce his work and makes sure that what he does has the ability to raise anyone’s eyebrow and capture their devotion.

I recommend this novel for anyone who loves fiction and wants to read the work of a reliable author who is sure to make noses cringe, teeth grit and tears fall. Palahniuk did an astounding job with telling a great story.

The novel was well planned and contained everything I look for in a book; mystery, profanity, drama, intensity and eloquence. Diary is a must read for fiction fanatics.

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