Concealed handgun class causes debate

The subject of guns has been an issue in America, especially in the past few years. So the idea of continuing an education class on concealed handguns is debatable among Midland College students.

Some people have a negative outlook on the subject because they don’t know what you learn in the class.

Student Daniel McBride has taken the class.

“In a concealed handgun class, you learn gun safety, laws on carrying the weapon concealed, the use of deadly force, where you can and cannot carry a gun, laws of where you can and cannot shoot, and you learn how to shoot,” he said.

“The class would be a good idea if a person is interested in carrying a concealed handgun and if you want to protect yourself. Also it is a good way to learn about gun safety because you can relate the information you learn about concealed handguns to other guns. However the class would not be a good idea for people that are afraid of guns.”

MC student Tori Ramirez said, “I think having that class available would be a great opportunity for students like me who want to major in criminal justice. They don’t have many classes to offer that relate to that field so opening up the chance to be educated on concealed handguns would be beneficial to criminal justice students.”

However Lizette De la Cruz, another student at MC wanting to major in criminal justice, is less enthusiastic about course availablility.

“If you open up the chance for people to get easy access to the class than people might go for the wrong reasons,” De La Cruz said. “You can’t stop every negative person from the chance of trying to get into the class because our system is messed up so if people get in, they might use the information they receive for the wrong reasons instead of good reasons. Opening up a class here on campus would make people gaining that information that much easier. So no, I do not think there should be a class on concealed handguns.”

Some restrictions are in force. “When they choose who can and cannot be a part of a concealed handgun class people that have any kind of criminal record are not allowed to be a member of the class,” McBride said.

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