Campus police protect MC

Criminal mischief, theft and trespassing are a few of the crimes recently reported on the Midland College campus.

MC Police Chief Richard McKee said the police act to handle crimes quickly and help students in need.

McKee, who is in his second year at the helm of MC police, said there were several crimes reported between the days of Dec. 13 and Jan. 17, including parking lot accidents, theft, furnishing alcohol to minors, trespassing and criminal mischief.

“These crimes are handled by gathering information and investigating as much as we can, if he or she is not arrested,” McKee said.

Charges were made against non-MC students as well as students.

“We received a harassment call from the dorms during December; it appeared to be a boyfriend-girlfriend situation in which the boyfriend would not leave the girlfriend alone,” McKee said.

The accused was charged with criminal trespassing and is not allowed anywhere near MC campus.

Not only do the campus police bust students for assorted crimes, but they also help when students are in need. MC students occasionally face car trouble and can call upon the MC police for assistance.

“The campus police assist with flat tires and locked cars as well,” McKee said, noting that police are on call 24/7 if for any reason a student needs an escort.

Crime around campus does not disappear on certain days, but McKee said that he does see the most crime towards the weekend.

“Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the days where students make poor decisions, usually involving domestic violence and alcohol,” McKee said.police chief

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