Internet searches go academic

The search engine is one of the most commonly used tools on the planet. Browsing through book after book is no longer necessary when it comes to finding information about any topic in the world. With the technology presently available to the world, people hardly even need to type anymore.

A simple verbal request to your smart phone can do what once would take hours at a time on a single subject. Whether it’s for a recipe for sweet potato pancakes or the winning lottery numbers, everything can be found with a simple Internet search engine. With so much information  packed on the Internet, why not use that to someone’s advantage in the quest for higher learning? Many students rely on search engines to
get the information they need to write essays and do research projects. 

These days, it’s a very rare thing to see someone going through large books in order to write a research paper. Although there are copious amounts of search engines readily available to use, only some are designed specifically for academia. It is possible for students to find everything they need for research on simple search sites such as Google and Yahoo, but for the most accurate and politically correct information, a scholarly search engine is the best source.

Sites such as can be used to access published works by renowned authors and professors. Scholarly websites are good for
research because they tend to post only information that is 100 percent accurate. This guarantees that the information being used on a paper
or project is based on fact and not opinion. Although websites like Wikipedia are popular, they are not always the most reliable. Wikipedia articles can be edited by anyone, which means the information is not always true. For the most part, Wikipedia pages are based
on fact, but with so many varying opinions on the Internet, pages are often impure and in need of corrections. is not the only reliable scholarly search engine though. Another very reliable site is iSEEK. iSEEK is a targeted search engine designed especially for students, teachers, administrators and caregivers. Students can find authoritative, intelligent and timesaving resources in a safe, editor-reviewed environment. RefSeek is another popular scholarly search engine. It has more than one billion documents, web pages, books, journals, newspapers and more. RefSeek offers authoritative resources in just about any subject and is also not
covered with ads and sponsored links.

Academic Index is a search engine and web dictionary created for college students. Websites in this index have been selected by librarians, teachers and educational consortia. The list of reliable and scholarly search engines is growing with the multitude of advancements in technology being released every day. With more websites being designed specifically for students, it seems impossible to come up with an excuse for not being able to find information on a subject. I guess you could always Google an excuse.

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