Fitness Center keeps MC in shape

MC basketball player, Bryce Ervin, uses the bench press with spotter, Marquis Chandler.

MC basketball player, Bryce Ervin, uses the bench press with spotter, Marquis Chandler.

Use of Midland College’s Fitness Center can save cash and time for students and faculty members who enjoy working out, according to Ann Leach, Kinesiology Program chairman. Some people have equipment at home and others have memberships at fitness clubs, like Gold’s Gym. Buying memberships can get expensive, which is why MC has built a fitness center for both students and faculty to use for free with an MC ID. Also, time can be saved with a quick workout between classes.

During the fall of 2010, Midland College opened the newly remodeled Physical Education building which included a Fitness Center. Leach has been at MC since 2000, at which point MC already wanted to build a new Fitness Center.

“When I interviewed 14 years ago with Dr. Jolly, he said I know it (Fitness Center) has been on the back burner,” Leach said.

The Fitness Center replaced the old weight room. It was remodeled in to a multi-purpose room for classes to meet in and more offices for the MC coaches.

The new Fitness Center was added as part of the Physical Education building renovation that was funded by a tax bond approved in 2005. The bond proposal included funding for 18 individual projects. Projects like the addition to the Fox Science Building were first on the line to get funding; so the Fitness Center got what was left over.

“We were the tail end of the receptions of the bond issue,” Leach said.

The MC Fitness Center is located in the Physical Education Building at the south east corner of campus across the road from the Chaparral Center. The Fitness Center is in room 153 by the front door facing the campus loop.

Attendant Kimberly Graham is in charge of keeping the Fitness Center in working order. The college has all the equipment professionally checked three or four times a year to ensure it is working right. The Fitness Center staff also checks daily for any equipment that might be unsafe or need repair.

“On an average day, about 100 people come to workout,”Graham said.

Various MC sports teams reserve the Fitness Center for practice, and during these times the gym is closed to everyone else. The schedule of team reservations is posted at the Fitness Center.

The Fitness Center is also used by MC faculty and employees. History instructor Frank Delao and Psychology instructor David Edens have been going to the Fitness Center off and on since it opened during the fall of 2010.
They try to go twice a week in between classes.

“We do cardio first, treadmill or elliptical, and then we’ll do this circuit of 30 minutes on the different weight machines,” Delao said.

During the times Delao and Edens go work out, they have not had any problems with the Fitness Center being too crowded. Edens said that the Fitness Center is kept very clean and all of the equipment is in good working order.

“Usually you expect something like this to get run down just because of the, ‘it’s not mine I’m not going to take care of it’ kind of attitude,” Edens said.

Delao and Edens are also involved with a group of MC faculty and employees who play basketball at noon on Fridays in the gym at the Physical Education building. The games are open to all employees and students.

“It lets us interact with people from other departments as well as some of the students that go there and play,” Edens said.

Having a gym on campus is helpful for people on a tight schedule who may not have time to go workout somewhere else. Students and employees of the college can use the Fitness Center when they have time without need to leaving the campus.

“It is nice having a facility that we can walk to sometime during the day instead of having to drive to the YMCA. Having it on campus and available is nice,” Edens said.

The Fitness Center is a good place for students and faculty go to exercise.The hours that the Fitness Center is open allows people with practically any schedule to use it. The MC Fitness Center’s long hours make it accessible to students and employees with a variety of schedules.
The hours of operations for the Fitness Center are 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday. The only requirement for using the Fitness Center is a current MC ID card.

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